1st Smart City Seminar “Territory-wide people centric services”

Speaker: Paolo Traverso

Affiliation: Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK)

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 AM

Date: 24.01.2013

Location: Sala Stringa –  FBK-CIT, Via Sommarive, 18 – Povo-Trento.

Abstract: Our vision for the next generation service-oriented and cloud-based applications starts from the consideration that the “territory” can be the key enabler for new value added services. The territory is indeed an ecosystem of different available infrastructures, data sources, organizations, communities, and people living in the territory. Each element of such ecosystem is relevant for the different aspects of our private or business life (such as, e.g., health, welfare, work, mobility, tourism, culture, environment, e-government, etc.). In order to deliver innovative services to people, business and government, all these different elements should not be considered each by itself, but tightly interconnected in a synergic manner constituting a “system of systems”. This is a radical shift in the approach for service delivery, where interoperability, integration, and interconnection become main drivers. It is also a radical shift in the relations between the territory and the people living in the territory. The people become “spectators”: they are at the same time service consumers, service inventors and data donors. The future service-oriented and cloud-based applications should therefore be based on a “territory-wide service delivery platform”, allowing users to play a central role in their relationships with the territorial ecosystem, and interconnecting a plethora of advanced services in different fields related (in broad sense) to human, social, cultural, economic, institutional and environmental development.

Bio:  Paolo Traverso is the Director of the Center for Information Technology – IRST at FBK. The Center counts about 200 people working on software and services, embedded systems, content and semantics, perception and interaction. He is the CEO of Trento RISE (the Trento Research, Innovation, and Education System), the association between FBK and the University of Trento, which is part of the European Institution of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in ICT, the EIT ICT Labs. He joined IRST after working in the advanced technology groups of companies for management information consulting in Chicago, London, and Milan. He contributed to research in automated planning and service oriented computing. He was Program Chair of the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), General and Program Chair of the International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC), and Program Chair of the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC). His recent research interests are in the monitoring, adaptation, evolution of service oriented applications, and in the development of new-generation services delivery platforms for improving individual and societal quality of life.

Contact Person: Matteo Gerosa (gerosa@fbk.eu)

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