3rd Smart City Seminar “Smart Campus Social Engine: sharing and following interests”


Speaker: Ronald Chenu-Abente

Affiliation: DISI – Department of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento

Time: 11:00 – 12:00 AM

Date: 28.02.2013

Location: Sala Stringa – FBK-CIT, Via Sommarive, 18 – Povo-Trento.

Abstract: As in many social networks or social-oriented applications, the basic services of the SmartCampus project are enhanced by the flow of information produced by the sharing of media, the following/friending others and finally the tagging and commenting. This talk introduces the SmartCampus’ Social Engine that uses a semantics-enhanced approach to capture this flow of information and to introduce a novelty feature called “Interest Following”that allows receiving notifications not only from other users but also from places, institutions or even defined topics.

Bio: Ronald Chenu-Abente is a post-doc researcher at the university of Trento. His research areas of competence include: social networks, document engineering, knowledge representation, scientific process, e-learning and artificial intelligence. He has successfully participated in various European Union projects and co-authored about 14 scientific publications on the above subjects. As part of his work, he has been involved in the design, development and deployment of a mobile social network for students (SmartCampus project) and social network platform for scientists (LiquidPub project).

Contact Person: Matteo Gerosa (gerosa@fbk.eu)

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