5th Smart City seminar “A new approach for smart communities”


Date: 23.04.2013

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Location: Sala Stringa – FBK-CIT, Via Sommarive, 18 – Povo-Trento.


Speaker: Lanfranco Marasso

Affiliation: Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa

Bio: Lanfranco Marasso (Italy, 1965) is a P. engineer, he took his PhD in Processes Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan. He is currently Knowledge Transfer Director at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa (www.eng.it – Italy). Since January 2008 he is chairman of the Working Group “i-Government” of Nessi Consortium – Networked European Software & Services Initiative (www.nessi-europe.eu). He has spent many years in management roles (CEO, CIO) in private companies at national and international level (USA). In 1999 he moved from private to public sector as CIO of Municipality of Parma (Italy). He has published nearly one hundred articles at national and international level in process and project management, new technologies applications and innovation in public sector. He is also author of eight books about public sector, e-government, process management and quality.

Abstract: Wikipedia: “Urban performance currently depends not only on the city’s endowment of hard infrastructure (‘physical capital’), but also, and increasingly so, on the availability and quality of knowledge communication and social infrastructure (‘intellectual capital and social capital’). The latter form of capital is decisive for urban competitiveness. It is against this background that the concept of the smart city has been introduced as a strategic device to encompass modern urban production factors in a common framework and to highlight the growing importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), social and environmental capital in profiling the competitiveness of cities.The significance of these two assets – social and environmental capital – itself goes a long way to distinguish smart cities from their more technology-laden counterparts, drawing a clear line between them and what goes under the name of either digital or intelligent cities.”
Reality: In the real world “smart city” could be define as a system of systems, with a set of complex rules driving people, environment, businesses, public sector, … In many cases around the world “smart city” is an excellence covering just a single specific issue, in a silos perspective.
The challenge is to remove the barriers among silos looking at an harmonic living body.

Contact Person: Matteo Gerosa (gerosa@fbk.eu)

Smart City Seminar Series: this seminar series is organized by the Smart Campus project, and wants to offer a regular appointment for discussing trends, challenges and achievements towards the Smart City vision. Smart Campus is a joint project carried out by Trento Rise, University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

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