Smart Campus apps on Google Play store!



We are happy to announce that the Smart Campus apps are now available on Google Play!

Smart Campus provides a toolbox that is populated with a set of apps that reflects the needs and desires of the students, helping them manage their everyday life in and outside the Trento University campus. These apps were designed and developed with the active participation of the community. The services are available as Android apps and can be used by students, researchers and technical staff in the University of Trento Campus. Download them on Google Play store! More information here.

 The beta version of the apps will no longer be supported. If you have the beta version installed, please go to “Settings – Application Manager” (or “Settings – More  – Application Manager” depending on your Android version) and uninstall the apps already in your phone. To use the new SmartCampus apps, search for and download “SmartCampus Toolbox” on Google Play, then use the toolbox to download the other apps.