Is it possible to empower the citizens of a smart city to take a more active role in designing the services they want and like, and to take part in their development and delivery?

This is the challenge Smart Campus tries to address, using the campus with its students, researchers, and institutions as a scaled-down, but complete, model of a smart city:  a first step towards the vision of a smart city lab covering the whole territory of Trentino.


During 2012, the work was focused on the technological backbone of the project, namely the installation of the Smart Campus platform and the delivery of the first services.Smart Campus was launched in January 2012, and will last 3 years.

In 2013, the project is focusing on the massive delivery of new services, as well as on promoting the active participation of the whole community in the design and development of these services.

In 2014, finally, we will work on ensuring the sustainability of the Smart Campus Lab after the end of the project, so that it becomes a permanent facility in the hands of the Smart Campus community.


The project is funded by TrentoRISE, the association that connects the major actors in ICT research, education and business in the Trento region. The University of Trento and the Fondazione Bruno Kessler participate in the project both as providers of research results and innovative ICT solutions, and as institutions of the Smart Campus ecosystem.