Manutenzione server / Server maintenance

Causa manutenzione dei server, l’accesso ai servizi “Viaggia Trento”, “Viaggia Rovereto” e “Rovereto BikeSharing” subirà delle limitazioni dalle 22 di giovedì 20 novembre alle 7 di venerdì 21 novembre circa. Ci scusiamo per gli eventuali disagi che questo potrà creare.

Due to server maintenance, the access to services “Viaggia Trento”, “Viaggia Rovereto” and “Rovereto Bikesharing” will suffer from limitations since starting at 22pm on Thursday, November 20 until 7am on Friday, November 21. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.



Viaggia Trento: muoversi in città con un’app

Si è tenuta oggi la presentazione ufficiale di “Viaggia Trento”, la nostra app per la mobilità a Trento e dintorni.

L’app è stata realizzata in collaborazione con FBK, Trento RISE, UniTn, Consorzio dei Comuni, Comune di Trento.

Una panoramica dell’interfaccia e delle funzionalità dell’app è disponibile sul nostro sito alla nella sezione “City Apps”:

L’app è disponibile per dispositivi Android ed è scaricabile da Google Play store.

Qui il comunicato stampa del Comune di Trento.


Today is Smart Campus Open Day

Today, from 18:00 to 20:00, five groups of students from the Smart Campus community will be presenting their design ideas. They will be contending for the prize of an internship within the Smart Campus lab where they will be able to implement their design suggestions.

The projects will be judged by both the audience and by a select jury. In order to vote, audience members will need either a smartphone or their laptop.

The contest will be held in Aula Kessler in the Sociology building of the University (via Verdi, 26). It will be immediately followed by a party at bar Verdi ( more details about the party here).

This event will celebrate the arrival of the Smart Campus apps to the Google Play Store.

Download them here:

The event wants to promote and grow Smart Campus Community in order to improve its services and contribute to create new ones.

Program here :


Smart Campus apps on Google Play store!



We are happy to announce that the Smart Campus apps are now available on Google Play!

Smart Campus provides a toolbox that is populated with a set of apps that reflects the needs and desires of the students, helping them manage their everyday life in and outside the Trento University campus. These apps were designed and developed with the active participation of the community. The services are available as Android apps and can be used by students, researchers and technical staff in the University of Trento Campus. Download them on Google Play store! More information here.

 The beta version of the apps will no longer be supported. If you have the beta version installed, please go to “Settings – Application Manager” (or “Settings – More  – Application Manager” depending on your Android version) and uninstall the apps already in your phone. To use the new SmartCampus apps, search for and download “SmartCampus Toolbox” on Google Play, then use the toolbox to download the other apps.


New Studymate app now available in Smart Campus!


The Smart Campus’ newest app “Studymate”, providing support to students attending University of Trento courses, is now available!

With this version of the app you will be able to:
– check the list of courses and schedules for your career;
– search for a course by department, degree and keyword;
– follow classes and add them to your personal agenda;
– rate the classes you have already finished;
– read the notifications from various departments and channels.

In future release of the app you will be able to:
– find out what study materials are available for your courses;
– create groups and add related events with the “Study groups” functionality.

Enjoy the new app and keep following us!