The event wants to promote and grow Smart Campus Community in order to improve its services and contribute to create new ones.

On tuesday may 13th, from 18:00 to 20:00, five groups of students from the Smart Campus community will be presenting their design ideas. They will be contending for the prize of an internship within the Smart Campus lab where they will be able to implement their design suggestions.

The projects will be judged by both the audience and by a select jury. In order to vote, audience members will need either a smartphone or their laptop.

The contest will be held in Aula Kessler in the Sociology building of the University (via Verdi, 26). It will be immediately followed by a party at bar Verdi ( more details about the party here).

This event will celebrate the arrival of the Smart Campus apps to the Google Play Store.

Download them here:

Smart Campus:
– 18.00
The project
M. Pistore

– 18.15
Learning and teaching with Smart Campus
A. De Angeli

– 18:25
Building the community
S. Bordin

Competing teams:

– 18.30
User experience for a micro social network: ViviTrento e Lifelog, a case study
D. Carollo, S. Cavallari, S. Melchiori

– 18.45
UniJobs – earn and learn
M. Andersson, S. Colombo, V. Hanschke, T. Teslyuk

– 19.00
Bacheca Aiuti
D. Trenti, J. Scalmazzini, A. Parisi, S. Girardi

– 19.15
SmartPlaces – Fostering the developers community
A. Florio, G. Ciech, G. Costa, G. German Soria

2013 edition:
– 19:30
iFame: from the idea to the development
S. Bozzi, F. Bonadiman, F. Maturi, D. Agyeman

– 19:35
StudyMate: our experience in the lab
L.Micheli, M.Visentin, M.Benedetti, L.Amadori, L.Ghiro

– 19:40
Winners and awards