Trentino Family



Trentino Family app is a service developed by Smart Campus in partnership with Agenzia per la Famiglia, Natalità e Politiche Giovanili of Trento Province. The app is aimed specifically at families but also at  all the institutions and the operators participating actively at local family policies. It is a tool to keep up to date with all local family ventures.

The service is released both as a mobile app for Android devices and as a web app.

Trentino Family web app is the result of partnerships with local institutions. The Agenzia per la Famiglia, Natalità e Politiche Giovanili of Trento Province  strongly supports this service and has provided all data and services related to family-friendly initiatives in the Trento province and district that appear in the app. The Incarico Dirigenziale in materia di innovazione of Province of Trento, of the Province of Trento has made this possible through its Open Data initiative and has favored the integration of different sets of open data released on Portale dei dati aperti del Trentino.

The Trentino Family app development is the result of the work of a team including developers, researchers, computer scientists, designers, graphic designers and managers of the Smart Campus project.

Please contact Smart Campus if you want to send suggestions or notify problems.