Trentino Family mobile

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The mobile app Trentino Famiglia lets you visualise a mixed group of information connected to the theme of the family in text format and, when possible, on a map.In the app, developed for Android devices, there are, for example, pedestrian paths and cycling paths; breastfeeding centres and baby daycare centres for newborns.

In addition to that there are events and festivals dedicated to families and information related to “Family Audit” and “Family In Trentino” certificates.The app should be of benefit to families, as well as to institutions and operators who work with families.

In the app, there is information on family politics at the provincial and district levels, in addition to the list of organisations adhering to family districts. Also users who have already registered with their Google account can use the mobile app to express their preferences and leave a review for the services shown, thus contributing to their enhancement.

The mobile  app can be downloaded by clicking on the following logo or by capturing  the following QR code with a smartphone:

 trentinofamiglia                qrcode_corretto