Visual Identity

Smart Campus has been working through the years to create and consolidate a strong and recognizable visual identity.
We present below the main concepts and design choices we made to achieve this goal.
Project logo design
The core concept of the project is the place where it is taking place: the University campus. While “university” and “campus” are often used interchangeably, the first puts the emphasis mostly on the institution, while the second puts the emphasis on space. But campus refers to more than environment or buildings, it also implies people and activities; it is a space that is defined by humans, by their interactions and by their social relations. In the end, it is a territory: a territory that in our case is also smart, or rather open, participatory, sensible and responsive.

The map of the university campus in Povo had been taken as inspiration to to obtain the logo and the applications’ icons.

The campus is thus represented as a circle grouping things together, a bit like in real life. It hosts people coming from different places but sharing the same interests and goals. All the visual elements have a rounded style, thus suggesting openness and inclusion. The logo typefont is Jan Maack’s Speak and is used throughout the communication material (but not in the apps).

Services logo design
The concept of “campus as territory” has been a valuable prompt for the graphic design work, especially in relation to the overall image of the project. However, it did not work as well for the platform and single Smart Campus applications. In order to create simple and recognizable symbols, every Smart Campus application has been associated to a real world tool that had some affinities with its functionalities. The combination of the app name and associated tool has been designed as the most meaningful to the potential user. In order to highlight the strong connexion between the project services and the campus, single apps’ icons and the project logo have been merged into the Smart Campus Toolbox logo, which is the container app for all of the services.
Communication material
In order to reinforce the identity of the project and to make it recognizable across different media and supports, a Smart Campus texture was elaborated. It is composed of the colors and shapes derived from the Smart Campus applications and is used throughout the communication material.

The colorful pattern is on a white background in order to make silhouettes stand out from the rest. Below are a few examples of how this was applied for gadgets, leaflets, posters, website, documents, t-shirts, keynotes. Another element of the Smart Campus illustration style are dotted lines.